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    Business Coaching for Beauty and Art Professionals – $100 hr

    Who is it for? Beauty professionals and artists, new or experienced entrepreneurs, small business owners, anyone transitioning or changing careers, anyone looking to remove roadblocks to their success

    Why should you work with Dorota – Owner of Alchemy Center?

    Dorota is an elite makeup and visual artist with 24 years of experience running her own successful business. She has been a makeup and business instructor at various Toronto colleges for 18 years and obtained certifications in coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy as well as dedicated her life to learning strategies and removing roadblocks to success. Aside from teaching makeup and business she managed an operated her own studio/salon for several years. She is a well rounded coach with vast experience in the beauty industry, passionate about inspiring and helping entrepreneurs on their own coaching journey.

    What should I expect from working with Dorota?

    In a nutshell – Desired results and growth on all levels!

    Whether you’re a new entrepreneur feeling stuck or doubtful of your decision-making abilities or an experienced beauty professional looking to rebrand their business or breakthrough their mental barriers or earnings caps, Dorota will find the right solution to optimize your performance, align and exceed your goals and optimize your new core success plan at any stage of your business!


    • First Dorota will advise you on the right education and training to help your and their employees (if you have any) improve themselves, overcome challenges, learn new skills and deal with complexity of the constantly changing beauty industry.
    • You will be provide the outside perspective you need to help you think outside of the box so you can keep on bringing in fresh ideas that will improve business profitability.
    • Dorota will help you find the blind spots and roadblocks and hold you accountable to push yourself to achieve your goals and to go beyond your comfort zone.
    • She will offer you guidance when you are feeling really “stuck” and you are having trouble in moving forward. This guidance can help you know how to connect the dots and go from point A to point B to get to the next level in your business.
    • She will provide you with objective assessment and observations to help you in enhancing your self-awareness and your awareness of others. In order to developing self-mastery in your business management and communication skills
    • She will help you create a more healthy and productive work environment, which will further enhance the productivity of your business
    • Help you identify and learn new and innovative techniques to stay abreast of the latest trends so you can keep your business prominent in the beauty industry
    • Provide advice and counsel to help you re-evaluate priorities, take stock of what is really important for you and decide what actions to focus on as you try to reach a new level of success.

    If you would like to enroll in coaching please call Dorota to set up your free 15 min phone consultation. During the consultation you will be advised how to prepare for your first coaching session. Coaching sessions can be done on the phone, via Zoom or in person at Alchemy Center located in downtown Toronto. Get ready for growth, expansion on-going success!


    I took several different airbrush makeup classes in the past and I must say Alchemy Center’s airbrush course was by all means THE BEST! In just a few days I have learned so many new techniques which were not taught to me before. The classes were small and personal, the course was very dynamic and fun! Dorota went the extra mile to help me with my personal challenges. Even after the course she has been amazing with answering all my questions. Learning with Dorota gave me the confidence and inspiration to go out there and be my very best! I’m so grateful I took this class.

    R. Kowalski, Makeup Student

    I first booked Dorota from Alchemy Center for my Birthday Make-over party to teach me and my friends some makeup tricks! Everyone loved the class and finally learned how to do their own makeup! Since then I enrolled in personal tutoring with Dorota which got inspired to complete my makeup artist certification! Dorota motivated me to follow my dreams no matter what, she taught me the latest makeup techniques and how to be successful in my business. I finally left my corporate job to pursue my true passion – makeup. Dorota was always there for me. She is a master teacher and coach, she brought out the artist in me!

    S. Clarkson, Makeup Student

    I was lost coming out of makeup school with no direction or motivation. A friend of mine recommend Alchemy Center for additional airbrush training. Since taking their airbrush makeup course I got inspired to get better and offer my services to clients. I worked with Dorota from Alchemy Center on polishing my skills and on my business plan. Since my private training with her, I moved to Dubai and opened my own spa! I’m forever grateful to Dorota for the incredible coaching and strategies to help me build my business and thrive!

    L. Matillo, Makeup Student