Body Casting

Body casting, also known as lifecasting, is the process of taking a mould directly from any part of the body to produce a sculpture.

Torsos, backs, breasts, hands and feet, faces, pregnant tummies, etc. are all possible. Lifecasts are extremely accurate, they capture intricate detail and we can also enhance them to bring out your best features.

Why would I want a cast of a certain part of my body?
Apart from the fun side of having a great memento or a unique personal gift for a partner, a family member or a friend body casts make a great keepsake to be treasured for years to come.

Before-and-after castings are a great incentive for anyone who wants to change/improve the look of their body. Perfect for weight loss clients, fitness enthusiasts, people undergoing operations, baby hand prints and footprints, pregnant bellies, friendship and romantic gestures etc…
This is an ideal opportunity to capture your old and new looks.

Could I have an allergic reaction?
The moulding powder is a complete natural product (made from seaweed) and is hypo-allergenic, non-toxic and 100 biodegradable.

How long does a professional studio casting take?
The normal time for an adult casting is between 30 and 45 minutes depending on the body part being cast, and how quickly we can find the right pose.

How long before my casting is ready to collect?
Once we have taken the mould, it usually takes us a few days to a week to cast, dry, prepare and custom paint the casting. Unfortunately we do not ship large items so you will need to collect your cast from Alchemy studio or you can have it delivered.

When we cast our hands, is it safe to wear our wedding rings?
Yes. In fact, hands look better with rings and add to the character of the casting. Your hands and jewelry will come cleanly out of the mould and will not damage the jewelry in any way.

Do you do pregnant belly casting?
Yes! Pre-natal belly casts or belly masks make the most wonderful gifts, celebrating your beautiful pregnant form in art  – a treasure for life. We can also custom paint or airbrush the belly cast with your choice of artwork and style.

I am thinking of casting my pregnant belly but could it hurt my baby?
Not at all. The moulding agent is not painful and does not restrict your belly in any way. 

How does it work?
You first come to the studio for your casting appointment which will take 30+min depending on the body part you’re getting cast.. After the process is completed we need a few days to work on the finished product. We shape it and custom paint it with a personalized paint finish chosen by you and embellish with decorations of your choice if that is your preference.  Accessories may be added for personal touch for an extra fee. We work with a variety art mediums and welcome any requests. We contact you when the cast is completed.


Face – $450
Pregnant Belly – $400+
Pregnant Belly + Breasts – $500
Breasts – $300+ depending on size
Whole torso – $500
1 Hand – $150
2 Hands – $200
Nipples – $75
Lips – $75

If you have any questions or have a specific request, please contact us!